sunflower reflections


Now, if you know me, you know that sunflowers are my favorite flowers OF ALL TIME *insert Kanye right about now*

And if you know me and you´re not aware despite my abject love for mustard yellow, my room decor, and constant conversation…. I´ll pray for y´all haha

The other day, I was in the garden. We had just received a brief respite from a recent 100 degree heat wave, so I took the opportunity to tend to the plants and offer a bit of the water I had been guzzling down the past few days. As I approached the sunflower, a gentle breeze blew against the beads of sweat that dotted my face and began to tug at one of the individual flowers. A 5 second battle of resistance ensued before two marigold petals floated gracefully to the ground.

Watching the conversation between the flowers and the wind, I realized that I had never once seen the same sunflower plant twice. As rapidly as one flower would open its face to the sun, its´ flowers would wilt. Yet, rather than stunt its´ growth or take away from its´ beauty, it was simply making way for another to take its place. Its´ cycle of loss and renewal made space for it to grow beyond a height it had ever reached with triple the flowers it had begun with just 2 months ago.

In a lot of ways, life is just like that. We are constantly in cycles of dormancy, loss, and growth. And, rather than fear they journey, we are meant to embrace it- for appreciating one part allows you to see the richness in the others. Each opportunity to experience challenges, dormancy, loss, obstacles, is not a bar set against you, but a creation of space for you- to become a better you than you were yesterday.

Just some food for thought.

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