microscopic views: how to prevent limiting thoughts from inhibiting your greatest Self

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“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for. -Judge Taylor, To Kill a Mockingbird

How many times have you searched endlessly for an item that you later realized was literally before your eyes?


A couple weeks ago, tissues in hand, and the inklings of a cold beginning to tickle my throat, I was searching through my family’s medicine cabinet for the bottle of Zinc pills. I had distinctly remembered them being contained in a green and yellow bottle. However, after five minutes of a fruitless search, I muttered frustratedly to myself, eventually closing the cabinet without ever having found the bottle.

I came back to the medicine cabinet a few days later to place a new bag of cough drops I️ picked up from the market. In the act of arranging the bag, I️ noticed an orange bottle. As I️ pushed aside the bottle, a “z” caught the attention of my periphery. I️ quickly grasped the bottle, reading out the word “Zinc.”

*Cue exasperated sigh*


This situation of misremembering orange pill bottles as a green one, while seemingly trivial in nature, often parallels the way in which we perceive our own life experiences. There are times when we may be so focused on receiving the things that we desire in a particular manner (for example: in a red package on Sunday on April 8, 2019 at 3:44 pm) that we miss the moment our wishes were granted. And oftentimes, this is simply because God/the Universe presents us with what we wished for in a way that we were not seeking- like a Zinc pills packaged in an orange rather than a green bottle.

For example, that new book deal may be packaged in the loss of the job you’ve had for 20 years, that house upgrade may exist in a different state, and your wish to create more peace and mindfulness in personal life may be accompanied by a loss in a few relationships.

The bulk of the matter is that the universe works in mysterious ways and may appear to us in forms that we do not foresee. In order to effectively see what the Universe has to offer us, we must learn how to connect to the universe/God and listen to the direction in which it is guiding our lives.

How to be More Open to the Messages God/the Universe is sending:

  1. Find the way in which the universe guides you. This can be that gut feeling, the tiny voice in your head that points you towards a certain direction, a certain symbol or feeling that appears when you feel like you are one with the universe. The universe/God speaks to each individual in a unique way. Your aim is to identify what that looks like for you, create an awareness of it-- and then listen to it.

  2. Surrender. A beautiful quote one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, reads “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Let that sink in for a second- the universe is ALWAYS working for your benefit. Even in moments that seem impossible or arduous, challenging and difficult. In all of these things, the universe is crafting you so that you can successfully reach your higher purpose. But in order to truly recognize this, we must have faith, and that is established when you surrender to the higher power. Once you read signs, you have to believe and trust that those things are ultimately working for your benefit. Which leads me to my next point---

  3. Trust- even if the answer is not exactly what you pictured. As humans, we only have limited, and often constricted view of what we believe that we need, fed by our personal biases, beliefs, and ideals. We cannot adequately take into account the value of future interactions, choices, and situations. Thus, in some cases, what we personally feel may be best for us, may not be what the Universe/God desires for us to have. If you truly feel God/the Universe pulling you in another direction, try listening to the signs and see where the higher power leads you.

How to you allow the God/ the Universe to operate in your own life? Are there instances where the universe has shown you a hidden success? Let's talk in the comments!

*originally published Dec 2017

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