mental déjà vu: manifesting your dreams before they happen (the law of attraction)

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe. ” Oprah

I’ve experienced almost every success in my life at least twice- once in the creative realm of my dreams in my mind and the second in the physical reality of those accomplishments.

I practice something called active manifestation, a buzzword that has gained quite a bit of traction after the publication of the book and movie, “The Secret,”(available through Netflix!) which explored the law of attraction. But what exactly is this? What does it have to do with my own success?

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is a concept that essentially operates like universal magnetism- the energy of the thoughts that you put out (knowingly or unknowingly) into the universe will cause you to attract situations/responses/experiences of a similar energy as those thoughts into your own life. Therefore, according to this law, positive thoughts will attract more positive circumstances and situations while negative thoughts will attract negative circumstances and situations.


Why and how I use Active Manifestation

When I set a goal for myself, I pencil down any initial thoughts and then begin to mentally visualize the situation. I imagine my emotional and physical response with so much depth until they become so vivid as that it feels as if I have already accomplished my goal. When I do finally achieve my goal that I had taken the time to visualize, I find that the imagined reality and the emotional and physical responses almost directly mimics the imagined experience I had cultivated in my mind.

I’ll give you one example. In ninth grade I had attended an awards ceremony at my school where a student was recognized for winning the Gates Millennium Scholarship, a full ride scholarship for low-income students to any university in the United States. At the time, I had no idea what the application process entailed, but that night, I wrote in my journal that I was going to win that scholarship…...

…..And so, I put in the work- I poured my heart into my essays, maintained my grades for those 4 years, engaged in community projects I was truly passionate about. However, even with all this, I wasn’t entitled/obligated to believe that I would achieve everything I desired.

Fast forward to 4 years later. I had gained acceptance to my dream college in NY, yet I did not have the funds to make attending a possibility. I had submitted my application to the Gates Scholarship and was in the shiftless limbo of the waiting phase.

I was tempted to be anxious and overworry, but during those moments, I stepped back, took a deep breath, and reminded myself to remain calm. What drastically changed the game was faith- and the mindset that I would achieve all things I set my mind to. Faith is the most important key to unlocking your success. Put in the work and then BELIEVE what you desire will happen. And that’s exactly what I did. As soon as I sent in my application, I behaved as if I had already received the funds to attend. When peers asked where I was headed for college, I said “NY” with confidence. In my head, I had already read my acceptance email, relishing in the joy and gratitude I felt, seeing the pride on my parents faces. I had seen myself stopping at the mailbox and leaping in excitement after receiving the big white envelope that could only signify my status as a scholarship recipient.

A few months after submitting my application, I remember walking to my mailbox after school one day and opening it up to see that huge white envelope looking back at me….

I share this personal story to show you how I use my thoughts to manifest in my life and to make it clear that manifesting isn't simply a quick and easy overnight solution. Like all things, it takes work and intention, but the result of your effort makes the journey sweet.


So, how can you Manifest Your Own Success?

1. Write, write, write. Write things down and make them happen. Write your accomplishments down before they happen. There truly is a great power in writing things down and unlocking the potential you have in your life. I carry a small pocket journal with me and jot down any future accomplishments I plan to fulfill. Each time I manifest an accomplishment, I check it off in my journal. For those who benefit from visual representations, I encourage you to create a vision board/Pinterest board of your future accomplishments in addition to writing them down. Or if you have a particular love for doodling, you may want to try bullet journaling!!

2. Be very clear. Know exactly what you desire to manifest and have clear intentions for what you want to add into your life. Detail the emotions you will have, what you intend to do when you reach that specific accomplishment, etc. The clearer you can be, the easier it is to truly believe it.

3. Start small. Notice that in the previous point, I used the term “accomplishments” rather than goals. Once you think of the idea, it is already yours- and you should claim it and act as such.This particular step requires self-confidence and self belief, which can be hard to cultivate initially . I recommend starting with small accomplishments that you believe without a doubt will happen and utilizing the success of these as fuel for your self belief in accomplishing larger and larger successes. Clear up the mental blocks that tell you that you are not deserving or incapable of achieving the success you desire.

4. Recognize that work is part of the process. You’ve written it down. You’ve claimed the accomplishment. Now it’s time to put in the work. It would be so easy to have our successes materialize immediately after imagining them in our minds(I it surely would have saved me quite a bit of time!) However, the journey is just as important as the manifestation itself. The journey to manifestation equips you with the tools necessary in order to be able to handle the manifestation when it comes.

5. Be patient. While you consistently work towards your goals, understand that everything will occur according to its time. In the meanwhile, keep visualizing your accomplishments, work hard, and let God/the universe handle the rest.

6. Be grateful. This prevents you from focusing on the negative. When you craft an attitude of gratitude, it challenges you to view everything that happens to you as a teaching moment and a step forward in the path you are journeying along. While it is important to aspire for a bright future, remaining grounded + appreciating the present moment is just as, if not more important.

Do you practice active manifestation/the law of attraction? If so, how do you use it to bring about your success? If not, is this something you will implement into your own life?

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