lemons aren't just for puckered lips

Summertime to me, is equated with the term “fresh.” While the heat and humidity leave my outsides nothing short of sticky and sweaty, the multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables in season (and thus, more readily accessible for my taste buds) leaves my inner soul crisp, clean, and happy.

As summer wanes to an end there is one fruit that I plan to continue to carry with me into the fall and winter seasons- lemons.

Yes, lemons.

It's hard to believe I’d choose the lemon over, say a more commonly popular fruit like watermelons (my dearly beloved), strawberries or sweet non-American mangoes (trust me on this one). But lately, I’ve been implementing lemons in my daily morning routine- in the form of lemon water.

I must admit, this isn’t something I recently discovered- I’ve heard of the detoxifying lemon trend years ago but honestly would be too lazy to continue past a few days or once I ran out of my first batch of lemon- whichever came first. It must be the summer breeze dancing in the air, the sun kissing my shoulders and putting an extra dash of highlight on my #blackgirlmagic, but one day while grocery shopping, I tossed a bag of lemons and a bottle of lemon juice in my bag alongside my groceries for the week and headed home.

How should you be drinking your lemon water?

Ideally, you should enjoy your lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach, which allows a more direct absorption of the vitamins and nutrients found within the lemon juice. Some suggest warm or room temperature water as it allows the body to absorb the nutrients more readily, but sometimes I use cold water on an especially hot day. My recipe usually calls for 2 cups of water for every half a lemon, but of course you can adjust and add a little less if you would like.

Why Lemon Water? 5 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Detoxifies. At night, the liver is one of the most active organs, so it is hard at work cleansing your body of toxins and removing excess waste. But drinking warm water first thing in the morning, you are providing a vessels to quickly flush those toxins from the body.

Helps you stay hydrated. Adding some lemon to your water may be the flavor boost you need to make you more inclined to pick up a water bottle rather than a soda or a juice. I often add slices of lemon to my water bottle in the morning before heading out and the slices last me throughout the day (and multiple refills!)

Glowing Skin (no highlighter necessary). Drinking water is great for your skin. Adding lemons is like a little bonus for our bodies. Lemons are high in antioxidants and flavonoids, which work to prevent cell damage and fight free radicals. Also, lemons have high levels of vitamin C, which is necessary for collagen production. This gives us our smooth healthy, skin and helps to fight wrinkles.

Stomach on flat flat. Research states that the citric acid in lemons supplements the body’s ability to break down foods and fats. I maintain a pretty healthy diet, however, I will say that after a couple weeks of lemon water, my abs were popping out a little bit more- yass to the Y-A-S.

No more runny nose. The vitamin C in lemons offers a little immune system boost. Taking a sip first thing in the morning allows your body to absorb those nutrients quickly and give yourself a boost of these germ-fighting helpers.

For those who might find cutting and squeezing lemons every morning a bit tedious sometimes (like me), try prepping a large batch of lemon water you can heat in the mornings when you get up. Or, opt for a bottled lemon juice that contains no additives.

Sometimes I give my lemon water little flavor boost with a few mint leaves, a teaspoon of agave or honey, or some fresh shredded ginger. After you finish, remember to rinse you mouth with a bit of plain water to remove any acid residue that may erode your teeth.

So drink away friends! Here’s to happy insides (and outsides), glowing skin, and health! Enjoy!

If you love drinking lemon water, leave your favorite tips and tricks down in the comments below!

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