Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Don’t judge me.

I haven’t written in about two months, but, as I type now, the familiar motions come back to me quickly- the hum of the computer fan gently reminding me yet again that I need an upgrade (coming soon, I promise!), my fingers clacking at the keys in a concerted effort to document the thoughts that seem to disappear as quickly as they arrive. It’s comforting. Like home.

So, why haven’t I written in so long? Why has it taken me so long to come back?

Excuse me for the doubly cliche usage, but: life happened.

And not in the way where I am doubled over the toilet crying with food poisoning (we thank God ooo), but one that both manifested my wildest dreams and, quite honestly, nearly intimidated me for the potential I finally began to realize I carried.

So, here’s the rundown:

I got into medical school! (and am planning to move again)

Formed lovely new relationships

Experienced the world from a new perspective through #travel

Saw Chance the Rapper in real life (I know!!)

Started a #movementchallenge to create a lifestyle based on movement

In conjunction with the new phase of my life, I felt that signedblackgirl needed a new space, too. Hence: renovations. And while there is the accompanied sadness of letting an old project go, I am reminded that every start comes to an end and that every end is the entrance to a new beginning. So, signedblackgirl has not gone- she has just manifested into a dream bigger and more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Let me be the first to welcome you to Chimsom.O, an expanded documentation of my pursuit of a life of intention, wellness, and joy- and hopefully inspiring you to do the same

Here’s what you will find:

health+medicine: creative curation of one of my largest passions- shaping a narrative that cements health + wellness as an accessible right. You’ll see my thoughts on the field of medicine, integrative + holistic health, integration of health policy and its impact on underserved communities, and ways I’ve found to curate an idea of wellness that is effective and approachable

lifestyle: everyday musings; representations of how wellness + intentionality is wefted throughout my life, comical stories, and most of my travel adventures

my open journal: reflections that I have come upon as related to living intentionally in all my spaces with threads of wellness, mindful living, spirituality, and self-empowerment

tiny drops of joy: the things that make my heart smile! quotes, images, interesting stories- a constant reminder to seek the things that bring us fulfilment

Welcome! I hope you find a bit of yourself here as we grow together in love, joy, and abundance.



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