gods plan: living in your purpose

I was having my Bible Study/daily talks with God this morning and my search of references and further cross-references caused me to stagger upon a verse that I had loved for so long, yet had, with time, forgotten. 1 Corinthians 7:17- “Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.”

It was a gentle nudging, a reminder not to lose myself and who I am destined to be during this interim period between my present self and my future goals. The verse is admirable, wise, intelligent, necessary. But as I read and reread, the clarity through which I could make the verse applicable in my own life only became more muddled.

As humans, we are vulnerable to influence and experiences. The choices we make and the ideals we valiantly believe in are in some way tied to exposure offered to you by a person and an experience. We learn through our susceptibility to be influenced- by our favorite movies, college Alma Mater, career choice, books, the media, etc. Does this mean that these influences deter us from living the life God called for us? No, rather I would say that these influences intricately orchestrated in a way to pull us in the direction that God calls us to be. People and situations are woven into our lives for a reason- to show us God’s glory and teach us how we, too, can display and praise His love.

However, because God is so loving, He gave us freedom of choice to decide our own actions-which could cause us to stray from the destiny He has for us. So the question is- how do we determine which experiences, situations, or people are part of God’s calling for our life? For me the answer is consistent prayer- I try to pray through all my decisions and actions to ensure I take the opportunities God wants me to have. However, it is definitely far from easy to pray and wait for an answer when you see your peers getting blessed in their fields. I admit, there are many a times when I have considered (or have actually) attempted to replicate another successful person’s life choices in a tragically failed method to somehow garner my own success. Their paths were not mine and, therefore, their personal successes were not mine to take.

Striving to live God’s plan for my life is a daily practice that has been accompanied by a lot of falls, a lot of tears, and joys. Everyday is constantly a process, but I am excited to see where He guides me next on this journey.

originally published february 2018

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