Lately, I’ve been taking more time to celebrate myself shamelessly. Being outwardly proud of my accomplishments. Acknowledging how far I have come. Celebrating my growth and my journey….And I’ve found that the more fully I love and celebrate myself, the more I carry that same love towards others.

I wish I could sit here and tell you that the actions came as easily as the statement itself. But I can’t. I can’t tell you that removing the expectation to act bashedly in your power is easy- because it isn’t. I often grew up thinking that downplaying (or, even worse, insulting) your worth and accomplishments was synonymous with humbleness. There were many moments when I would dim my personal light- telling others that “you know, my writing isn’t that great. I only got this amazing opportunity because of luck. Oh, I’m sure others are much more talented than me.”

It’s not easy to push past the plethora of doubts that rise against yourself in those “almost perfect” moments or the twinge of guilt society has taught you to feel when you DO finally value yourself and say, “But I still choose to celebrate myself.” It's a rocky, uphill climb that leaves your fingers callused, your heart unshielded, and your soul raw. But every second is a step closer to my fullest self. Every choice to honor and respect my journey a walk to fully loving myself when others told me not too.

Life is to be lived intentionally. And consistency is a choice made day by day- minute by minute. And, as such, goes to the celebration of yourself. One cannot expect others to celebrate you-don't allow the validation of yourself to stem from vicarious external sources. I had to learn how to create validation within myself and find celebrations in every part of me.

Our intention this month is celebration of self. Celebration of growth, celebration of movement through challenges, celebration in the fact that we are still standing even during moments when we don’t exceed our personal expectations.

Celebration. How do you honor yourself and acknowledge all your growth and accomplishments? In moments of doubt and hardship, how do you create the space to find pride in your efforts and who you are? And if you do not, how do you want to establish those areas for yourself?

originally published september 2018

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