5 reasons why a morning routine will change your life

How you start day is how you’re going to live your day. And how you live your day is the way you live your life.”- Louise Hay

I firmly believe in the power of a positive morning. How you begin your day has a dramatic impact on the way in which you embrace, view, and respond to situations that you will encounter.

A consistent morning routine is an addition I recently incorporated after entering a transitional stage of my life that left me feeling drained, purposeless, and disorganized mentally, spiritually, and physically. I needed a set of rituals to create a sense of regularity and balance in my life- while also further fostering my personal self growth.

My personal morning routine includes bible study, yoga, and meditation. Setting aside time for myself every morning has become an integral part of my self- care routine and has helped me to cultivate gratitude, confidence, and love for myself and others. As much as I’ve benefited tremendously from my morning routine, I highly encourage others to establish a morning ritual for themselves as well.

5 Reasons a Morning Routine is Important For You, Too

1. You say ‘yes’ to yourself. We naturally set our highest priority tasks to be the first things we accomplish in the day. By setting aside time each morning for a morning routine, you are physically, mentally, and emotionally reminding yourself that you are a priority. when you begin to see yourself as important, you intentionally begin to craft things that promote your self care and self growth. Remember that making small changes build to lead to larger impacts.

2. Balance. Just a few minutes of quiet time in the morning allows you to purposely ground yourself and create mental space and balance. You can come to terms with your emotions, thoughts, and feelings before being bombarded by social media, and life’s demands.

3. Crafting Intentions. I constantly remind myself and others that life is a journey of intention. Every action, thought, attitude, energy displays a particular message that we wish to deposit into and receive from the world. A few moments in the morning allows us time to purposely craft the intentions that we desire for the day (for example to be more bold or loving) and serves as a guide for the actions and choices we make, allowing us to live a more purposeful life.

4. Preventing ‘Mental Fatigue.’ You may have heard the term “mental fatigue” tossed around recently. Mental fatigue describes the phenomenon in which our ability to make decisions throughout the day gradually becomes depleted or declines. Each of us has a certain amount of energy and willpower allotted each day that is constantly drained each time we make a decision. By creating a consistent morning ritual, you are eliminating hundreds of small decisions (when to brush your teeth, what to read, how to workout, etc.) in the morning and in turn are reserving that energy for bigger, more impactful decisions later in the day. Although variety is important in life, try to have a consistent, non-varying ritual for the first hour of your day.

5. Proactivity. When we start the day off well, we feel it- and others feel it too. We have more energy, feel more motivated, and feel positive about what we can accomplish. Each day we set aside time to nourish and grow ourselves, we start our days off “right.” One “right” morning leads to one right day leads to one right week, month, year, and so on.

A morning routine, however, does not need to be a series of 25 steps. It can be as simple as free-writing for 5 minutes, taking moments to listen to your thoughts, sipping tea, or mindful movements through a yoga sequence.

I challenge you to set aside at least half an hour each morning for yourself and document the changes in your attitude, energy, and mindset. For a great start, you can utilize a guided journal, such as my free 10-day guided journal, written to help individuals and myself cultivate gratitude and self-love. To receive it, simply sign up for the mailing list below.

originally published october 2018

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