Hey There!

If you've managed to find me here in my corner of the internet, we're probably well on our way to being great friends (but, let's make it official!


If you catch me on a normal day, you'll probably find me dancing while tragically butchering the lyrics of my favorite songs, studying (because med school life), and creating + eating delicious food as an equal opportunity eater (jollof rice and kale bowl anyone?). And, as a self proclaimed movement enthusiast, you can count on me as your go-to yoga/running/bouldering partner.


I am a firm believer in curating a life that brings you joy. Frothy turmeric chai lattes, pizza so hot with browned bits of cheese that dance across the bread, soulful laughs, time with God, and dad jokes are some of my favorite parts of the day.

Who knew that a dollar store yoga mat and a whole lot of falling would lead to all this? My wellness journey began 5 years ago on a yoga mat and since then I've been seeking to build a life of intention, mindfulness, and joy. Through teaching yoga to speaking about and creating accessibility to this concept we call "health and wellness," I'm blessed to be able to call this work here a part of that-and hopefully inspiring you seek your own joy. 

what I love to share